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Peter Hain MP - Shape Shifter

There was some joy in True Labour hearts when one New Labour sinner repented.

Peter Hain?s condemns ?control freakery? and blames New Labour for the Assembly election disasters in Wales. What next ? Will Milosevic nominate himself for a Peace Prize ?

Peter is gambling that Wales has already forgotten who was the architect of the Welsh Leadership stitch-up and masterminded the loss of the Islwyn, Llanelli and the Rhondda.

Peter has tiptoed deftly from left to right in politics, then back again. Without hesitation or blush he took the Welsh Office job that should have gone to Rhodri Morgan. He choreographed the stitch-up and denounced Rhodri Morgan supporters as ?crypto-nationalist.? Now Peter Hain?s job at the Welsh Office is coming to an end. In May Peter was on the Right. Blink ! Now he?s on the Left.

The logic of his statement is that Ken Livingstone should be backed as London?s Labour nomination for mayor. He dodged this question on BBC Wales this morning. 'That?s for Londoners to decide' he said.

In Star Trek there is a Shape-shifter, named ODO -right.

He liquefies at the end of each day and sleeps in a bucket to emerge in another chosen shape the following morning. The Shape-shifter in the only one of his kind.

Or is he ?