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Web Site: paulflynnmp.co.uk

Address: House of Commons, London,

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Paul Flynn M. P. for Newport West

Married to Samantha, three surviving grown-up children, elected to parliament for Newport West in 1987. The seat was previously held by a Conservative. Won the seat five times with majorities varying from 2.000 to 14,000.

Former Labour Party Shadow Minister for Welsh Affairs and Social Security. described in Parliamentary Profiles:

“Hyper-assiduous, Welsh-speaking, green-leaning off-beat semi-hard Leftists, fears Labour Party is being taken over by ‘Midwitch Cuckoos’, said in 1995 ‘We will win the election but lose the Labour Party”, A Member of the Gorsedd of Bards, won 1991 Parliamentary Freedom of Information awards, and 1996 Spectator ‘Backbencher of the Year’, succeeded in forcing ‘Next steps’ agencies to publish their Parliamentary answers in Hansard, verbally resourceful, well-furnished bilingual mind.,

Pro: an elected second chamber, PR, selling council houses, the peace movement, legalised cannabis, alternative energy, Welsh language, devolution, modernisation of Commons, power to backbenchers, hi-tech.

Anti: The drug trade, nuclear power, the Drugs Czar, cigarette smoking, honours, Lord Lieutenants, exploitation of mortgage lenders, animal experiments, lobbyists, overuse of medicinal drugs (especially in care homes and prisons), bull bars.”

Author of Television in Wales 1973, Commons knowledge -How to be a Backbencher 1997, Baglu 'Mlaen (staggering forward), Dragons led by Poodles 1999.

The above is reprinted from the most reliable source of biographies of all MPs the Parliamentary Profiles Services