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Mary Francis - Herkey

Mary Francis is everyone?s favourite aunt.

With a soft voice and a pleasant face, she worked successfully for years on public relations for the Queen. Not that there will be any embarrassing revelations from Mary.

She is loyal and would not be tempted by money. Now, she is well rewarded as spokesperson for the insurance industry. They are the people who largely mis-sold 6 million pensions, 4 million endowments policies and now charge 73% commission on travel and accident policies.

She appeared sympathetic when I first met her last year. In hope I sent her details of a man whose life had been destroyed by her industry. He went into insurance after a successful career in the navy.

At a dinner with forty other managers, he was asked to stand while his sales record was read out. The head of the company explained that he did this not to ?embarrass him but to humiliate him?. The complaint was that he had not ?mis?-sold enough of the company?s dodgy policies to gullible customers.

On ?Good Morning Wales? this week, Mary had no answers for her eight months? silence on the dossier of gross mis-selling that I sent her from the dis-illusioned manager.

She even defended the industry after four million endowment mortgages customers had been warned that their policies may fall short of the promises made by the salespeople.

Perhaps, it?s time for Mary to return to the Palace. There?s no joy in trying to be the acceptable face of greed.