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The courageous Ann Cryer

March 12th 2008

Ann the brave

Ann Cryer MP for Keighley is one of my parliamentary heroes.

With breathtaking courage she has braved the cliffs of prejudice in her own constituency on delicate taboo issues. She was condemned as a racist. One aspirant MP made his reputation through attacking her. She faced down the wrath of many of her constituents.

Other MPs with large Asian communities howled her down and told her not to raise difficult issue. Yesterday some of those were prominent in the media confirming that Ann?s case was thoroughly justified.

Today I put down a well deserved tribute to her in an EDM.

Campaigns of the Member for Keighley.

This House applauds the courage and persistence of the Hon Member for Keighley on her nine year long campaigns to expose the dreadful consequences of forced marriages and the hazard of consanguineous marriages: commends her persuasive measured responses to criticism which is model for other members to emulate.?