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Wonder woman

August 2009

Janet Martin is wonder woman. She has transformed a church into a creative arts centre.


The Church was opened 105 years ago but it served as a church for only five years. For many years it was print works. I had the invitations to my wedding reception in 1985 printed there.� They got the date wrong. I never went back there again.

Barnabas Arts House was heaving with 200 guests tonight enjoying art work, musicians belly dancing �and a poet. Janet Martin has revealed an attractive building that was hiding for years beneath the giant printing presses.

Half of the studios available to rent have already been let. Ms Martin plans to use� the main space as a� Last Supper Club, a monthly 'dining experience'. �That sounds intriguing. It would ibe deal for weddings and other events. This is a brave and beautiful venture.�

The centre was opened tonight by Assembly Deputy Speaker �Rosemary Butler. She a genuine enthusiast for the arts and Ms Martin greatest fan. She made a rousing speech in which she said she would do everything possible to help this venture -except 'belly dancing.'