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Proof that Government ministers and civil servants live in a separate universe�was revealed at my Select Committee.

Cabinet Office Minister Pat McFadden was before us to explain the joys of consulting with the public. �He has sent the Public Administration Select Committee a jargon crammed letter saying the Government planned a one-stop shop for anyone who had experienced a ?citizen?s episode.? These include births and deaths.

Do they greet one another in the Cabinet Office canteen with ?How are you Fred? Had any citizen's episodes lately?

Do they send each other cards? ?Congratulation/commiserations on your citizen's episode which I was glad/sorry to hear about.? (Delete words that don?t apply).


A fellow MP having read my blog on May 11th on Minister Pat McFadden?s ?citizen?s episodes? is offering another as an example of ministerial gobbledegook.

Minister James Purnell refers to someone having suffered ?An employment cessation event.? However you wrap it up it?s still the sack