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February 26th 2008

It?s all gone quiet in the mini-riot that erupted in Glanaman at the end of January. A fox was pursued down Llwyncelyn Road by an estimated 30 hounds. There was a great row between local people and the hunters ? even allegations of violence.

In the interest of apprehending alleged lawbreakers I have tabled the following EDM

That this House insists that appropriate action should be taken by Dyfed Powys police following the invasion of Llwyncelyn Road, Glanaman in January by a pack of 30 dogs in pursuit of a fox in a clear breach of the law; notes a comment of a resident that ?The law is an ass if you ask me and these huntsmen are getting away with murder?; is concerned by reports of flagrant breeches of the Hunting Act and calls on the Police throughout the UK to do their duty.

A thumping put-down for those who want to put the cruelty back into the hunting laws was an opinion poll of 2,000 people.

The survey found that when people were asked about their views on whether certain ? currently illegal ? hunting activities should be made legal again, that on fox hunting, nearly three quarters, 73%, said fox hunting should remain illegal, while nearly a quarter, 22%, felt it should be made legal. Comparable figures for deer hunting were 81% vs 12% and for hare hunting & coursing 82% vs 12%.

Hope you?re listening Countryside Alliance. Put that in your hunting horn and blow it.