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Parliamentary researchers are often put under great strain by their MP employers.

The frantic multiple demands of parliamentary life inevitably create their own cockups. One hard pressed researcher had to organise a mini-march, put out press release, greet visitors and write an indignant letter to the Prime Minister. The cause of the day was "Save the Kurds".

A group of distinguished Kurdish exiles were due to March down Downing street at midday. The letter had not been written at 11.30 am. Hastily dictated, typed and spellchecked the letter was in the hands of the MP when she started her dignified walk at the head of the delegation.

Pausing before the assembled media pack, she read the letter that Tony Blair was about to receive. She uttered odd choking noises. With difficulty she kept control but dignity was difficult to feign.

The spell checker had done its worst. ?Saddam Hussein? had been changed twice to ?Sod em Hussein.? ?Kurds? had been changed five times to ?Turds?